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"To give single mothers with minor children, and no access to a car, the gift of a safe, reliable, debt-free automobile as a resource to be used to enhance their quality of life.”


Later that year, our founder was ready to replace his old car.  He had always been a “used car” guy but with the encouragement of his wife and family, he decided to treat himself to a brand new car. Although it was new, fast, ultra-tech and shiny, he found himself unhappy with the new car. It did not bring joy to his heart because he felt that it was selfish and not necessary.  He wished he had not yielded to peer pressure, but selling the car would create a large monetary loss---not a good idea.

 On a ride in his new car with his daughter, he was expressing his dilemma to his daughter the fact that the new car was not “him” and did not make him happy.  His daughter challenged him and asked, ”if you had your money back, what would make you happy ?”  Our founder recalled how good it made him feel when he gave away that Pathfinder so he replied, “giving away cars to single moms!!” Well, you have to know his daughter---so she then said “okay, you have that capability, so why don’t you DO THAT!!”   And that is when was born.


In May of 2016 our founder’s son was going to sell his 2003 Nissan Pathfinder to CarMax. In their family, you held onto your cars until the car died on the side of the road or you gave it to another family member. This car was too good to sell so cheap, so our founder bought the car from his son. When asked by his son what he planned to do with this car (since the founder already had 4 cars in his name), he said he would find someone whose life could be enhanced by having a debt-free, safe car and give it to them.   Since he had been very involved with Every Woman Works (an organization that helps single women go from dependency to self-sufficiency) he contacted their organizer and asked, “who is in your program that would greatly benefit from a car, such that it would significantly impact their ability to get ahead”.  In June of 2016 that Nissan Pathfinder was given to a single mom who is also a veteran. It was a good feeling for all involved---son, founder, and mom. ©